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6:00 Evening Service

60 Quentin Road, Lake Zurich, IL  847-438-4494
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     Build a friendship and discover who God really is in a relaxed, coffee-shop atmosphere. Talk Time is one-on-one discussion that is centered around a workbook, which is designed to help you discover Godís answers to lifeís questions. The purpose is to help you gain a better understanding of what God desires for your life. The truth is that no one person has all the answers; but thankfully, God does. Finding these answers can be a fun and fulfilling journey as you search the Scriptures with a new-found friend. The personal format allows for an open and honest dialog which keeps the conversation focused on what matters most to you.

   Each workbook chapter consists of four lessons covering different aspects of one, general topic. This workbook is designed to walk through an overview of what God desires based on His words. The hope and fulfillment He offers to all people is worth looking into!

   Talk Time is for any adult seeking to learn the basics of the Bible in a fun and fulfilling way. Regardless of your age or religious background, thereís a spot for you. No long-term commitment is necessary. Join in for as many sessions as you would like.



Free Workbook that is included when you join

Contact Pastor John Fontana if you would like to join this vibrant community of growing believers - 847-438-4494 ext. 1077

The one who kneels to the Lord
can stand to anything. (January 2000)
- Dr. James A. Scudder, Founder